Changes due to Brexit Changes due to Brexit

Changes due to Brexit

Will there be any delays to my orders following Brexit?

We are doing all we can to minimise any delays from our European suppliers, but sometimes some delays may occur. Please keep an eye on your tracking link for updates.

Will I be asked to pay additional VAT or duty charges upon receiving my parcel?

  • For customers in the UK: No, the price on our website will be the final cost to you. Goods bought directly from us have already been cleared of all international custom duties, so you will not be subject to any unexpected additional cost.
  • For customers in the Republic of Ireland: Some orders for customers in the Republic of Ireland which have a value over £135 may be subject to import duty charges and tax. Whilst not all orders will be affected, we are unable to control these charges as they are controlled by the government. These costs will need to be paid via our courier to the Irish Tax Authorities so that your order can be released and delivered.

What happens to my returns after Brexit?

We will process both existing and future returns as normal and as swiftly as possible.

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